By Helen Trevorrow, Managing Director, Green Row Communications

We need to work in a fast, efficient dynamic way and since partnering with MoneyPenny Green Row works more flexibly and efficiently than ever before. The key reason for this is because of way of working every call is answered 24/7 without being tied to the office.

We work from home and from the office and are based between London and Brighton with a small team working remotely on a day to basis. We also employ a number of experience specialist consultants who bring a niche skillset to particular projects. High call volumes were starting to impact our flow of work. It has been so efficient in bringing MoneyPenny into the mix.

Where MoneyPenny excels is by deploying what is effectively a remote team member you’re your organisation. MoneyPenny is so much more than a call answering service. Differentiating and cutting down on sales calls while at the same time having the ability to identify important and often urgent calls from journalists. It means that we never miss an opportunity for our clients.

I love the way that they transfer calls straight to our mobiles, they pass every call to the right member of the team so no one is kept waiting, and none of our much loved important clients ever has to leave a message on a soulless mobile.

If we’re stuck in a meeting or event MoneyPenny will filter the call, assess and text so that we make the appropriate plans to duck out and speak to our clients if its urgent situation, like a crisis management issue.  

All of our calls are answered by Becky. She’s actually become an additional team member and is recognised by some of clients. Moneypenny are brilliant at blocking out sales calls and putting clients straight through to the right member of the team. We are a modern business working from multiple locations and its essential that our infrastructure enables us our way of working, not inhibits it.

I don’t know if we could actually do without them now! I feel confident that whatever we have on, and our workload changes from week to week and month to month. We put on big events for instance where the entire team may be off-site for a length given time. MoneyPenny has us covered.

And we’re in Brighton after all, so when the sun shines and we need to lock up shop and get down to the beach as a team, MoneyPenny allows us to do that.

Thousand - 3 new colourways for the world's most beautiful helmet


Hand-picked products made by artisans, innovators and designers delivered to your door

Bear & Bear ( ) is a curated online boutique with the hottest on-trend products from around the globe. Brought to you by Ben and Sam who travel the world sourcing beautiful unique items.

Nordic Wood

Speedway Creme

Willbrook Mint

Thousand PopLock Bicycle Helmets – 3 exclusive colourways SS17

RRP £105.00

For SS17 and exclusive to Bear & Bear 3 new on-trend colourways augment the look and feel of what is already the world’s most beautiful bicycle helmet. Enhanced detailing includes the new embossed logo. Vintage good looks combine with modern innovations and featuring the PopLock anti-theft system, magnetic buckle and multi-vents. The new range compliments the existing range of Thousand helmets in Navy, White and Black (RRP £85.00) and Limited edition Gold (RRP £95.00).

The brand was created by Gloria Hwang who was inspired after a tragic situation when a friend was killed cycling without a helmet. This led her to research the many reasons why cyclists do not wear appropriate protection. Her main finding was that the majority of non-wearers did not like the "look" of helmets. 

The design brings to life vintage motorcycle and horse riding. It has a clean, modern silhouette and intuitive design with playful features such as the patent pending PopLock. This is the simplest and securest way to lock up your helmet. Simply pop the cap located in the body of the helmet and feed your bike lock through the hole when locking up your bike. If your helmet gets stolen while securely locked to your bike, Thousand will replace it. The helmet has an ABS outer construction with an EPS interior. It has a premium rubberised finish and features smooth vegan leather straps. It also has an intelligent and highly secure magnetic buckle, so no more pinched fingers!

Turn your bake into a superfood

We are proud to be launching a new range of Spiffing Sprouted flours that use natural technology to put bread back on the table for healthy eaters

 British bakers are set to get a massive boost of vitamins and minerals with the launch of Spiffing’s new range of Sprouted flours. ‘Sprouted’ is a revolutionary germination technique that wakes up the grain, bringing it to life and acting as a catalyst for nutrients.

Using the new natural process, previously only available in niche specialist health food stores, British consumers will now be able to buy it on-shelf in all good shops - UK wide.

Jason Bull, MD of Spiffing said; “We have witnessed a huge appetite for Sprouted from British consumers. It turns bread back into the healthy staple that it should be. It brings together two exciting trends, our love of baking and our desire to eat healthily. The fact that is also easily digestible will put bread back on the table for healthy eaters.”

The grain is soaked for twenty-four hours and maintained at a temperature of 20 degrees for five days. The grain and the sprout, now full of energy is all milled. The end product looks the same as any other flour. At a chemical level Spiffing Sprouted has a higher phytase activity and lower levels of anti – nutrient compounds that pave the way for the gut to absorb more nutrients.

Spiffing Sprouted has many benefits including:

·       Easily digestible, rapidly absorbed and kind to the stomach (unlike some raw grains)

·       Increased bioavailability of key nutrients including Vitamins B and C, folate, fibre, essential amino acids and increased anti-oxidants

·       Enhanced taste and texture

There are three products in the new nutrient rich Spiffing Sprouted range, available from all good shops:

·       Sprouted Wheat Flour – 500g – RRP £3.99

·       Sprouted Wholemeal Spelt Flour – sweet and nutty - 500g – RRP £4.49

·       Sprouted Buckwheat Flour – 500g – RRP £4.49

Spiffing flours is a jolly good British family business bringing you only the very best in organic flour and premium quality rice. Spiffing has several other flours and rice all of which have no additives, no over processing. Spiffing prides itself on excellent taste and the very highest quality products sourcing the finest wheat in small supply chains to ensure quality and provenance. Spiffing flours are also used in a number of well-known brands as an ingredient.

We are open for business

I am delighted to announce that Green Row is open for business. I took a sabbatical and have returned refreshed, hungry and with a new mindful clarity of vision. There are no cobwebs to dust off or loose ends to tie up, just an open mind with plenty of ideas.

There are some major changes too…

We left our cosy West London home in W10 and moved to the Seaside. Cue sticks of rock and deckchairs. We find ourselves operating in a vibrant hub of digital surrounded by hundreds of creative designers, web start-ups, PRs, coders. It’s a very exciting place and we are thrilled to be part of it. From Brighton SEO to the Chamber of Commerce, the attitude is communal, and about mutual acceleration for all the businesses here.

Where we have always excelled in digital we have now brought that into the centre of our offering. We are providing digital campaigns which are constructed from strategic communications planning. We have been experimenting with user generated content and quality SEO.

Certainly content is at the core now of all great communications. Our writing has gone stratospheric. I studied with Faber and Faber at their Faber Academy. I met amazing people and I made friends. I even wrote a novel. There is much to offer commercial writing, to improve quality and engagement. I’d love to share that.

I am returned to full health, thanks to the NHS, and my beautiful baby is now two years old. So please call me. Send me an email. Get in touch. I’m looking forward to hearing from you all very soon.