We are open for business

I am delighted to announce that Green Row is open for business. I took a sabbatical and have returned refreshed, hungry and with a new mindful clarity of vision. There are no cobwebs to dust off or loose ends to tie up, just an open mind with plenty of ideas.

There are some major changes too…

We left our cosy West London home in W10 and moved to the Seaside. Cue sticks of rock and deckchairs. We find ourselves operating in a vibrant hub of digital surrounded by hundreds of creative designers, web start-ups, PRs, coders. It’s a very exciting place and we are thrilled to be part of it. From Brighton SEO to the Chamber of Commerce, the attitude is communal, and about mutual acceleration for all the businesses here.

Where we have always excelled in digital we have now brought that into the centre of our offering. We are providing digital campaigns which are constructed from strategic communications planning. We have been experimenting with user generated content and quality SEO.

Certainly content is at the core now of all great communications. Our writing has gone stratospheric. I studied with Faber and Faber at their Faber Academy. I met amazing people and I made friends. I even wrote a novel. There is much to offer commercial writing, to improve quality and engagement. I’d love to share that.

I am returned to full health, thanks to the NHS, and my beautiful baby is now two years old. So please call me. Send me an email. Get in touch. I’m looking forward to hearing from you all very soon.