Brighton’s PR Agencies

image of Brighton where various PR agencies are based

Creativity hub for Brighton’s PR agencies

It’s as if the sea air and the sound of crashing waves in one of Britain’s most popular
seaside towns has proved to be a growing hub for creativity and excellence for Brighton’s PR agencies. Its close proximity to London and variety of businesses
amongst its quirky lanes has opened huge networking opportunities for agencies
and clients.

Originality, communication, trust, creativity, expert knowledge, attention to detail and strategies – these are just some of the factors that clients look for when working with a
great PR agency. An agency needs to know the appropriate step to take whether that’s engaging with bloggers, writing press releases or interviews, or creating a unique platform for your brand.

Communication is essential to build a relationship between the agency and client. Regular contact whether that’s via email, phone or skype to provide updates and project development is important for both parties to create a successful outcome. Your goal should be clear with the PR team and your brands values and message should be
considered throughout all stages. It is important that you know the agency has spent considerable time understanding exactly what you offer and personal approaches are made to adapt to individual clients – as one size does not fit all. Investment and time are key factors that determine whether your brand will spark interest and encourage you to take ownership of the refreshing changes to your brand.

We know how to work with a variety of budgets, tailoring campaigns to suit specific requirements. Working honestly we never over promise or set unrealistic deliverables which lead to disappointment – we ensure as an agency that we have industry knowledge and the appropriate skills to get the ground running and spark immediate journalist interest to give your brand a great head start.

What does Green Row offer?

Our emphasis on attention to detail and tireless hunger for perfection is key to continuing huge success with our clients. We recognise the power media has over
consumers’ minds and public opinion and we have the necessary skills to allow
clients to take ownership and pride of their reputation. We invest valuable time into your brand, campaigns and products, and will chase opportunities that allow you to grow. Every client is unique and we tailor our approach to you personally.

Our team of experts are driven by passion and years of experience in which we can
offer you the right consumer and market insight to advise the most appropriate
approach for your PR campaigns. Our services such as PR, website creation, social media management and brand building combined with excellent communication makes for a successful and enjoyable process. Regular and consistent appearances in renowned media has guaranteed over many years that our clients’ goals are achieved and their messages are seen in the right places for their brands, leading to expansion and development. We have worked with multiple clients across various sectors including, food and drink, lifestyle and marketing communications.

Based in Brighton, we are surrounded by a multitude of various businesses and a
growing book of contacts. Brighton’s diverse culture and colourful eccentric ways are attracting more people to the area and is becoming a hotspot for creativity. Although we live and experience what this bustling seaside city offers we also provide PR campaigns for clients across the country. If you are at the initial stages of developing a platform for your brand, or are already established and looking to change direction, introduce a new campaign for a product launch or just want to refresh your image, Green Row has the experience and knowledge to help you and put your ideas into reality. So if you are looking for one of Brighton’s PR agencies then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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