What’s the point of research in a locked-down world?

There’s new research out today from data company, Stravito, in conjunction with independent polling company Censuswide that tells us that two-thirds (66 per cent) of UK companies have commissioned market research in 2020 which has never been used due to the disruptions and delays caused by Covid-19.

The main reason that research has been dropped is because the data is being immediately rendered out of date because of societal changes caused by the pandemic.

I don’t know why, but I really like it that consumers are getting harder to read, and are breaking free from the demographic standard boxes which have captured them. I like to think of myself as not an average consumer, I like to think that I am different and that my consumer behaviour can’t be predicted by algorithms.

Its good news too for us marketers who employ less broad stroke tactics and more engaging and tailored communications strategies. We know that people, ultimately, have a need and that they buy their products because they are good and fit for purpose.

But in the long run people love their brands because they make them feel… something.

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