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We are a PR and social media agency working in lifestyle, food and drink, health and wellness since 2005

Green Row is a tenacious PR agency based in London and Brighton here to help you promote your business, brand or product. We’ve been helping brands to take control of their reputation since 2005 so that you don’t have to worry.

“Working with Green Row is always a pleasure. Everything you need from a PR agency. They are responsive and bursting with creative ideas. The strategic planning means that we always get great coverage. Most importantly, they are a joy to work with and are now feel like part of our internal team.”

Liz dale, marketing director, together dental

Guest blog: Chris Arnold on the importance of purpose in business

Is purpose really what the consumer is seeking? The truth about purpose and performance, the dangers of ‘values disconnect’, multiple consumer personas and the what, why, who.  Simon Sinek says that consumers don’t care WHAT you make but WHY you make it, it’s all about your ethos and values (your purpose). But is that true? The answer is not…

Photo by George Milton on Pexels.com

Five marketing trends for 2022

Once you have your purpose and identity cracked there are 5 things that every brand should have in their output for 2022. Here’s what we’ll be implementing in 2022… 1. Email marketing Gone are the days of sending out blanket emails to customers. 2022 will see the emergence of hyper-segmentation of your subscriber database and…

We were founded in 2005 and our values are to work honestly with our clients to transform their reputation. We try to offer an incredible hands-on experience and senior communications professionals strategise, write and implement our campaigns so you receive the highest levels of insight.

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