Smell training workshops

We hit the headlines with AbScent charities regional tour

We developed a concept of smell training workshops to bring the work of ground-breaking charity, AbScent to life. AbScent is one of the UK’s leading smell loss charities and has created a method to help people to restore their sense of smell.

A piece on BBC news about AbScent smell training workshops

The charity is recommended by the NHS already but we wanted to reach anyone who needs help. A series of workshops in London, Brighton, Reading and beyond enabled us to speak directly to people who might need help via their local BBC and ITV TV and radio stations and through their local newspapers in print and online.

The whole campaign was supported digitally with coverage appearing on BBC online and in online newspapers and on ITV online. We were able to amplify this through engagement with AbScent’s own Facebook and instagram networks.

The regional tour followed on from a series of London workshops with the Queen’s pharmacy, John Bell and Croyden on Wigmore Street in Central London. We held a workshop for people concerned about their sense of smell on a monthly basis and reached out to important influencers in TV, radio and consumer lifestyle. We were able to achieve a high rate of engagement producing detailed features on BBC London and like this one in Get the Gloss.

You can read this full piece here…

This has been a very successful campaign. It is important to remember when approaching an awareness building campaign, how can we make this relevant for consumers, for people who view the media. We kept this campaign very simply, working with the core equity of the charity and selected partners that shared the charities values and added gravitas to our new brand.

If you would liek to find out how we can create a unique, and highly visible campaign for you please get in touch for a chat.

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