We launch Living Room Health

So proud to have launched Living Room health’s new clinics in London and Brighton. Living Room Health is the first affordable private healthcare chain of clinics in the UK.

Uniquely, the clinics have MRI scanners. These are used for in-depth diagnostics. Available in clinic it means that people can frequently be seen that very same day. If you’ve waited in an NHS queue for a scan on a knee or wrist then you know how frustrating is is to be in pain.  

We managed to get firmly onto the radar of the Daily Telegraph who loved the story, linking the launch to the current news agenda. The featured the piece at the top of their news cycle in the piece by journalist, Lizzie Roberts.

In the y news agenda there are so many stories about the NHS on a daily basis. The technique that we use is to work your story into the existing news agenda. We are clear and relevant about how your story links into the main news of that day. In national news you must be clear about how this story affects people.

We used an excellent photographer and linked with local charities to run a series of launch events. We networked with influencers to capture the attention of the local business community. In both Brighton and London we ran concurrent campaigns.

Earlier in the year we ran a race day at Brighton Racecourse where we invited more than seventy guests. We invited them to learn more about the Living Room Health concept. This began to build lasting relationships with partners from the media, the health industry and local people.

We worked very closely with local media to make sure that messages were communication about the launch to local people. We were featured in the Brighton Argus.

Powerfully, we were also featured in all of the Daily Telegraph’s social media channels . We also focused on amplifying the social channels for national news. We were featured for instanceon the Telegraph’s Facebook pages and through Yahoo’s extensive news network .

We also ran planned, produced and bought an integrated ad campaign through Global. We created an advert on Heart Radio, created outdoor campaign with Global in Brighton and London. We also created a digital campaign with Reach.

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