Scientists find trigger molecule

We are delighted to play a small part in working with AbScent charity and leading scientists to announce the launch of their groundbreaking paper in Nature. For the first time leading scientists identified the highly potent odour molecule that is common in many foods including coffee, onions and garlic and which is so troublesome forContinue reading “Scientists find trigger molecule”

Nielsen Revealed Results of their UK-wide LGBTQ+

Inclusion in Advertising and Content Survey Nielsen has revealed the results of a UK wide survey, conducted in collaboration with Dynata, into inclusivity in programming and advertising content, and the general media consumption of the LGBTQ+ community.  10% of the LGBTQ+ community report they have been the recipient of an advertisement online based on theirContinue reading “Nielsen Revealed Results of their UK-wide LGBTQ+”

Charity AbScent features in BBC news

The BBC team used the smell and taste loss charity, AbScent and its smell training workshops to illustrate the way in which Covid-10 negatively affects the brain, and what people might do to try and retrain their brains. A new study has found that even mild cases of covid-19 can cause changes in the brain.Continue reading “Charity AbScent features in BBC news”

Guest blog: Chris Arnold on the importance of purpose in business

Is purpose really what the consumer is seeking? The truth about purpose and performance, the dangers of ‘values disconnect’, multiple consumer personas and the what, why, who.  Simon Sinek says that consumers don’t care WHAT you make but WHY you make it, it’s all about your ethos and values (your purpose). But is that true? The answer is notContinue reading “Guest blog: Chris Arnold on the importance of purpose in business”

Four social media trends to watch in 2022

Social media will continue to grow in popularity and reach in 2022. With an ever-changing landscape and new trends emerging all the time, we tell you everything you need to know about this year’s biggest trends. 1. Video continues to shine Video content will continue to boom, with all of the major social channels pushingContinue reading Four social media trends to watch in 2022

Five marketing trends for 2022

Once you have your purpose and identity cracked there are 5 things that every brand should have in their output for 2022. Here’s what we’ll be implementing in 2022… 1. Email marketing Gone are the days of sending out blanket emails to customers. 2022 will see the emergence of hyper-segmentation of your subscriber database andContinue reading Five marketing trends for 2022

Digital forecasts significant growth by 2026

Juniper’s new study from has found that the total market value of digital content will reach $432 billion by 2026; rising from $211 billion in 2021. This represents a growth of 105% over the next 5 years. This value takes into account pay-per-download revenue, in app content spend, subscription revenue and ad spend over digital content.