Five marketing trends for 2022

Once you have your purpose and identity cracked there are 5 things that every brand should have in their output for 2022. Here’s what we’ll be implementing in 2022…

1. Email marketing

Gone are the days of sending out blanket emails to customers. 2022 will see the emergence of hyper-segmentation of your subscriber database and increased email personalisation. Dynamic, interactive email content will be the key to engaging customers who are looking for more targeted communications this year.

Email marketing is crucial to the overall success of any company and as email allows much of the process to be automated, it’s a great tool for companies to use. For relatively minimal effort (compared to creating video content, for example) email allows consistent communication between brands and consumers.

It’s easy to personalise both the content and frequency of email communications. Plus, it’s private and highly visible, which is good for customers. However, remember it’s crucial that content is well-crafted, engaging, contains clear calls to action and communicates key brand messages effectively.

2. Video content

Marketeers will no doubt be aware of the new dawn of video content and the absolute power it holds. Social media channels such as Tik Tok and YouTube are trailblazers when it comes to the format. Customer engagement, content and interest continues to grown exponentially and shows no sign of slowing this year.

In 2022, short form video content will become the cornerstone of all marketing campaigns for companies. Social media and streaming TV platforms will introduce new advertising products that emphasise video.

Customers will also see the format emerge in the retail world with innovative new video content used to grab their attention and drive sales and revenue. Every marketing manager should be looking at how they can improve their company’s video output this year.

3. Direct mail

With more and more people trying to escape the digital white noise, a return to direct mail is on the cards. Savvy businesses are rediscovering the power of connecting with customers through the post box.

People are bombarded with digital messaging all day, every day, that’s why direct mail can break through in an authentic, nostalgic and tangible way. It’s also a highly targeted strategy based on location and demographic profile.

Integrated campaigns give businesses the opportunity to reach customers on a more personal level. One interesting trend is the use of postcards, a simple format that maximises ROI. Lightweight and visually appealing, they stand out in the post box. Good news for marketeers.

4. Podcasts

Love them or hate them, podcasts are here to stay. In fact, experts predict they’re going to become even bigger in 2022.

Companies can embrace the popularity of podcasts by creating their own, which will help elevate the brand position and communicate key messages to consumers. Or they can work with other guests and influencers to reach new audiences.

Podcasts are an excellent way to connect with audiences in a completely different way and add another channel to a company’s marketing strategy.

5. Livestreaming

According to figures, watch time for live content is up 250%. A rising marketing trend and highly effective format, livestreaming is a great way for brands to authentically showcase their personality and values.

It helps consumers connect with a brand and some of the people behind it. It also helps people feel more comfortable with making a purchase and recommending it to friends.

As clickable links can be shared on livestreams, customers can make a direct purchase then and there, which can help improve online sales. This type of social commerce will continue to gain momentum in 2022. Are you ready to embrace it?

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