How a Yorkshire food importer is navigating a perfect storm

Jason Bull, Eurostar Commodities

Positioning experts in the news agenda

It has been fascinating working with Eurostar Commodities to leverage their years of expertise as global food importers to position them as commentators in the current news agenda.

Clients are often experts in their fields and we’ve found that once you start seizing opportunities and saying yes you can create a media-positive environment. When a company understands how the media operates and starts to think about their business in terms of stories then you are able to produce news hooks that may have otherwise have been overlooked.

And we don’t mean silly stories and crazy stunts and ideas, we mean that you need to understand the news agenda and consider how the expertise within your business can help journalists by providing insight.

Just like this profile in the Yorkshire Post:

How a Yorkshire food importer is navigating the perfect storm

As the nation prepares to see out 2021 with a heartfelt “good riddance”, there will be hopes, universally shared, that 2022 will bring something better. That the Covid winter will melt away, ushering in a spring of renewal, freedom and economic growth…

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