What is 369 manifestation method on TikTok?

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One TikTok trend that has garnered considerable traction over the last few days is the 369 Manifestation. It is reportedly working for a number of TikTokers, giving them money, fame, and more!

What is 369 Manifestation method?

Believers claim that this method allows practitioners to tap into the power of the “universe,” helping them fulfill their dreams and desires. The method is inspired by Nikola Tesla’s “Divine Code” 369, which states that the occurrences of the universe can be mastered by carefully studying the three digits.

There are many interpretations of Tesla’s “theory.” However, the most common one asks practitioners to pick a thing of their desire, write it down three times in the morning and say them out loud. The process is then repeated in the middle of the day — now six times instead of three. Finally, you’re required to do it all over again — nine times, now — before going to sleep. That’s all. After 21 days, they should start to manifest.

The TikTok interpretation

The creator of the 369 Manifestation method, Karin Yee, has combined Tesla’s philosophy with Abraham-Hicks’ 17 seconds-rule. According to Abraham-Hicks, if you focus on a thought for only 17 seconds, divine energies start working on the idea. Hold it for 68 seconds, and the “manifestation” shall begin.

How to practice the 369 manifestation method?

The method generally tells you to concentrate on the things you want out of your life and jot them down, three times a day. Yee advises her followers to write their goals down three times in the morning, six times around mid-day, and finally nine times before hitting the hay.

She also asks the devotees to be as expressive as possible, to let the universe know how they want to feel. You’d also need to make your sentences at least 17 seconds long and pour your heart and soul into them. The stronger your feelings are the more likely it is for the universe to pick it up. Make sure not to let in any doubt or insecurity while you’re trying to manifest. Those 17 seconds are extremely important for the manifestation and need to be handled with utmost dedication.

Whether you should practice the Manifestation method is still a question that needs to be answered.

Yes, jotting down your goals is still a great exercise, as it gives you a clear idea of what you’re working for. However, hoping for divine intervention, especially in this day and age, might not be the way to go.

Still, all things considered, if you have a young heart and are impossibly hopeful about the mysteries of the universe, you should definitely give this method a shot.

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